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March 17 2012
Crossroads Festival for Documentary Film and Discourse One month before the UN Earth Summit Rio+20, Crossroads' first edition will focus on the socio-ecological crisis, the ... By Crossroads Film Festival
March 14 2012
Common goods against the commodification of life and of the planet, strategies ... This meeting in Marseille is open to all networks, organizations and individuals who wish, including those involved in the ... By Alternative World Water Forum
March 13 2012
European Youth Conference 2012 Expected Results: Co-writing by the youth of a European Open Letter to the decision makers, elaboration of communication tools on ... By Youth European Conference 2012
March 07 2012
European High-Level Conference on Rio+20: “Achieving Global Justice in the Green Economy” This conference plans to address one of the main themes of the up-coming UN CSD Rio+20 Summit: “Green Economy in the context ... By European Economic and Social CommiteeNorthern Alliance for Sustainibility
March 01 2012
Alternative World Water Forum The objective of the Alternative World Water Forum (AWWF) – in French, the Forum Alternatif Mondial de l’Eau (FAME) – is to ... By Alternative World Water Forum
February 03 2012
Go sustainable, be responsible! European civil society on the road to Rio+20 The EESC conference will focus on the green economy as a means to enhance sustainable development within the limits of ... By European Economic and Social Commitee
January 22 2012
“Rising Powers” and the Future of Global Governance The global crisis poses a challenge to the continued global hegemony of the West and its neoliberal mode of capitalism. By Research Network on Global Governance and the Emerging Global SouthUniversity of Sussex
December 12 2011
European Sustainability Leaders, Champions and Front Runners preparing Rio+20 We will focus on how to reinforce the ‘web of solidarity and social innovation’ now in place, and will address actions launched ... By European Economic and Social Commitee
December 12 2011
Rio+20: spotlight on Sustainability About 23 national organizations from the political, economic, environmental and consumer protection sectors met in ... By Rio+20 – Nachhaltig vor Ort
December 12 2011
Towards democratic environmental governance at global level This conference aims to bring together the expectations of civil society and encourage discussion on the reform of global ... By Ministry of Ecology Transport and Sustainable DevelopmentMinistry of European and Foreign affairs