9:00 am 7 December 2011 — 6:00 pm 9 December 2011 at Hanover, Germany.


About 23 national organizations from the political, economic, environmental and consumer protection sectors met in Hanover, Germany from 7 to 9 December 2011 to the Congress “Rio+20: spotlight on Sustainability – Fifth congress of Netzwerk21″.


In about 30 working groups, more than 600 professionals from local authorities, NGOs and academia, representatives of the media and civil society as well as mayors have discussed issues such as: Should the municipalities align their policies on financial sustainability? As our cities will be sustainable? What role plays the local economy?  How can cities be carbon neutral?


A declaration has been adopted during as a result of the congress declaration, and will be transmitted to the German delegation participating to the 2012 UN Summit on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro.


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Rio+20: spotlight on Sustainability