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This site is developed with the software WordPress-Buddypress under licence GPLv2. Some plugins and page skeletons were developed by Leonardo Bauchwitz, Ariel Lira and Gonzalo Villareal. The site and domain names are hosted and managed by OVH. Other free software is used: Icecast, Apache, Php, MySql, OpenVz, Debian, Sympa.


The association Traversées is involved in the site design and coordination, the animation and editing of text and multimedia contents. The translations are done by an international team of translators.


The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation fully funds the design of the site as part of its policy of methodological support to the Rio+20 process.



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The visual identity was created with the participation of Marcela Pujol, Lucas Concia, Matias Ferrini, Ramiro Sacco, Agustin Burgos, and Marcelo Vercillo.



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