1. Are the issues around the Rio+20 Summit yours and do you want to be part of the mobilisation?

2. Do you want or are you already fostering discussions and shaping proposals in relation to the issues raised by Rio+20?

3. Have you already organised meetings or debates related to the topics of Rio+20 and do you want to promote the results and proposals (in the form of text documents or multimedia)?


Contact us now to be able to link your efforts with other initiatives under way to Rio+20: contact@forums.rio20.net.



A team and networks at your service

Wondering how to facilitate your communications and remote debates, summarise your documents or format your documents and media?

The international networks and partners gathered around the preparation of Rio+20 can also provide you with new contacts to involve new actors and connect you with other local and regional dynamics.


Our team and this site can assist you in this direction. Feel free to contact us. See also the page Methodological Support.