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My City+20
March 12 2012
Youth take over Rio+20: My City+20 Our project is thus aimed at mobilizing the youth, educating them on the urgency of sustainable development issues and encouraging ... By My City+20
Los habitantes hacia la Cumbre de los Pueblos. Propuestas y luchas para habitar bien nuestro planeta
February 15 2012
Proposals and struggles for living well on our Planet The different struggles by inhabitant organizations are showing the possibility of finding appropriate and sustainable solutions to ... By International Alliance of Inhabitants
People's Sustainability Treaties: an alternative for a transition to sustainable futures beyound Rio+20
December 10 2011
People’s Sustainability Treaties People’s Sustainability Treaties are a series of independent collective agreements produced by people in parallel to the ... By People's Sustainability Treaties

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Asia Pacific Rio+20 Declaration
June 14 2012
Asia Pacific Rio+20 declaration Clearly, worst affected are the poor in the South who did little in causing them. This is not the world Rio envisioned. By Asia-Pacific Research Network
Repensar y construir una Nueva Gobernanza Mundial
May 14 2012
Rethinking and changing world governance The key questions that could guide us are: What are the alternatives for building a new governance architecture? How do we create them? By Cândido GrzybowskiForum for a New World GovernanceGustavo MarinRicardo Jimenez

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Green New Deal or Globalisation Lite?
April 18 2012
Green New Deal or Globalisation Lite? The word ‘deal’ gives the lie to new, for these are mostly trade-off packages designed to hold together the narrow political arena ... By Ariel Salleh
Rio+20 and the Green Economy: Technocrats, Meta-industrials, WSF and Occupy
April 18 2012
Rio+20 and the Green Economy: Technocrats, Meta-industrials, WSF and Occupy It is true that the growth-driven private sector is responsible for the global ecological crisis, but it is not true that ... By Ariel Salleh