People's Sustainability Treaties: an alternative for a transition to sustainable futures beyound Rio+20 People’s Sustainability Treaties


An alternative for a transition to sustainable futures beyound Rio+20


INTRODUCTION: Peoples’ Sustainability TREATIES


  • People’s Sustainability Treaties are a series of independent collective agreements produced by people in parallel to the official UNCSD2012.
  • It is planned as the alternative content outcome by people at Rio+20 and will serve as collection of proposals for governments negotiating for official outcomes.
  • The treaties is considered as a complimentary process to strengthen the People’s Summit Rio+20 organised by the Brazilian civil society and all other independent efforts towards creating people’s visions and voices.
  • The treaties are essentially a forward looking process and targets a future beyond Rio+20 and will become a living document towards the transition to a sustainable world order.
  • Drawing inspiration from The NGO Alternative Treaties in 1992 at the 1st Rio Earth Summit, these people’s sustainability treaties would be open to any independent stakeholder contribution.
  • The Treaties will also draw essence from Agenda 21 and embark on a renewed civil and political commitment towards an action plan to further sustainable development.
  • The Treaties will also draw scenarios from for future sustainability pathways from the Great Transition Initiate and aspire to provide forum towards gathering a Global Citizens Movement.
  • Organizations and Groups will be invited to coordinate/facilitate treaties of different topics. Open invitations will be made to anyone to contribute.
  • An International Advisory Board will be drawn from the collaborating partners to guide the treaties process towards Rio+20 and beyound.
  • An experienced international editorial team with expertise will be appointed to manage the final outcome document of collective treaties.
  • The editorial members will work with each of the treaty committee to ensure that an inclusive and fair process is adopted to evolve each treaty.
  • A Blog will be operated to showcase the evolving stages of each draft and emerging new treaties.
  • Global public will be invited to send their input to the treaties. The organizing committees will regularly update the treaties and the blog will keep the latest version updated.
  • The treaties will be finalized during the month of May 2012
  • Discussions and dialogues will be held during the 03 prepcom days 04 sandwich days of the Rio+20 summit.
  • The treaties will be open to the public for endorsement and adoption from the 1st of June.
  • A Treaties Platform will be planned to voice proposal through the treaties during the summit days.
  • The next 06 months post Rio+20 will be used for further outreach through a Campaign for a Global Movement towards Sustainable Futures.


Following Themes are proposed to be included in the People’s Sustainability Treaties


(Please note that the following are a only list of proposed themes and to be be regularly updated, changed and more themes are to be included)


DECLARATION: People’s Sustainability Declaration

  • A New Social Order: Sustainable Development Governance
  • A New Economic Order: Sustainable Economic System
  • A New Ecological Order: Sustainable Lifestyle and Livelihood


SECTION 01: Sustainable Economies

  • Eg: Sustainable Development Goals Treaty (proposed by Stakeholder Forum)
  • Eg: Sustainable Economies Treaty: Green, Blue and other Economies (proposed by CED)
  • Eg: Corporate Social Responsibility & Accountability (proposed by Dialogue on a Convention for Corporate Social Responsibility and Accountability)
  • Eg: Food Security Treaty
  • Eg: Energy Security Treaty
  • Eg: Water Security Treaty


SECTION 02: Sustainable Societies

  • Eg: Millennium Consumption Goals Treaty (proposed by MIND together with MCG Network)
  • Eg: Sustainable Consumption & Production Treaty (proposed by ANPED)
  • Eg: Poverty Eradication Treaty
  • SECTION 03: Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Eg: Climate Sustainability Treaty (proposed by Climate Sustainability PLATFORM)
  • Eg: Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services Treaty


SECTION 03: Sustainable Ecosystems

  • Eg: Climate Sustainability Treaty (proposed by Climate Sustainability PLATFORM)
  • Eg: Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services Treaty


SECTION 04: Equity, Rights & Governance

  • Eg: Equity in Sustainable Development Treaty (proposed by Initiative for Equality)
  • Eg: Sustainable Development Governance Treaty (proposed by Sustainable Development Governance Network)
  • Eg: Public Participation in Decision Making Treaty
  • Eg: Climate Justice Treaty


SECTION 05: Peace, Values and Mindfulness

  • Eg: Mindfulness for Sustainability Treaty
  • Eg: Peace for Sustainability Treaty
  • Eg: Spiritual Values for Sustainability Treaty


ACTION PLAN: People’s Sustainability Transition Plan

  • A New Global Movement
  • Transition to a Sustainable Society
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Timeline for Change




  • The project management and secretariat is hosted by:
  • Centre for Environment and Development (CED)
  • Collaborating Partners (confirmed members):
  • Climate Sustainability PLATFORM
  • Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future (SF)
  • Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED)
  • South Asian Women’s Network (SWAN)
  • Millennium Consumption Goals Initiative (MCGI)
  • Asian Institute for Technology – Extension (AITE)
  • Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND)
  • Initiative for Equality (IfE)
  • Tellus Institute (TELLUS)
  • Green Liberty (GL)
  • Integrative Strategies Forum (ISF)
  • IBON Foundation (IBON)
  • Susila Dharma International (SDI)
  • Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN)


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