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Global Youth Citizens Assembly
December 04 2011
Global Citizens Youth Assembly This assembly provided a platform for young individuals from various states in India, as well as different countries of the world to ... By Asian Youth Citizens AssemblyJohn Anugraha

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Radical ecological democracy
March 10 2012
Radical Ecological Democracy We, the peoples of the earth, resolve to work towards a Radical Ecological Democracy, which has the the principle of integrity ... By Ashish Kothari
Youth and World Governance
March 06 2012
Youth and World Governance Children and youth today are frustrated with the ‘people in power’ who are unable to come to a tangible consensus of capping our ... By Ben KnightDara ParkerDunfei ChenGlobal Citizens for Sustainable DevelopmentJohn AnugrahaLucinda HartleySafira de...
Peoples statement on sustainable development and Rio+20
November 21 2011
People’s Statement on Sustainable Development and Rio+20 For sustainable economies to develop, it is crucial to democratize ownership, control and decision-making over productive resources ... By Asia-Pacific Research NetworkIBON International

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Wellbeing & Happiness: Defining a New Economic Paradigm
May 23 2012
Time for a sustainable economic paradigm We need nothing less now than a new sustainability-based economic paradigm, with new progress measures, accounting systems ... By Royal Government of Bhutan
Human Security, Environmental Sustainability and Globalized Economy
November 20 2011
Human Security, Environmental Sustainability and Globalized Economy Like a rampaging tsunami, global capital harnesses the bubble energy of the money markets, corporate-military might of the ... By Vinod Raina
20 years to…where?
November 19 2011
20 years to…where? The gains of development investment are now lost. So, on the one hand, the world has to reinvent the growth paradigm because it ... By Sunita Narain

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February 03 2012
Sustainable Mountain Development in the context of Rio+20 The event aims to generate a dialogue for coercive action and strategy to present an equivocal voice during Rio +20, and ... By The Energy and Resources Institute
February 01 2012
12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit The DSDS 2012 focus on the major theme of the commons 20 years since Rio, and aims help evolve strategies. By World Sustainable Development Forum
August 07 2011
The South Asian Youth Conference 2011 The first South Asian Youth...