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Radical ecological democracy
March 10 2012
Radical Ecological Democracy We, the peoples of the earth, resolve to work towards a Radical Ecological Democracy, which has the the principle of integrity ... By Ashish Kothari
Youth and World Governance
March 06 2012
Youth and World Governance Children and youth today are frustrated with the ‘people in power’ who are unable to come to a tangible consensus of capping our ... By Ben KnightDara ParkerDunfei ChenGlobal Citizens for Sustainable DevelopmentJohn AnugrahaLucinda HartleySafira de...
Peoples statement on sustainable development and Rio+20
November 21 2011
People’s Statement on Sustainable Development and Rio+20 For sustainable economies to develop, it is crucial to democratize ownership, control and decision-making over productive resources ... By Asia-Pacific Research NetworkIBON International