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Segundo Diálogo tripartito entre sociedades civiles de China, Europa y Suramérica
July 05 2013
China-Europa-South America civil societies Dialogue – Joint Statement We feel that we are part of a worldwide community and believe that it is necessary to overcome borders and hegemonies of any kind, ... By Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (Ibase)Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for Human ProgressFo...
Draft Zero alternatif pour la Conférence Rio+20
May 22 2012
Alternative Zero Draft for the Rio+20 Conference The aim of this draft is to propose a coherent vision on the major stakes of this Conference and to allow questioning the current ... By Forum of Ethics and Responsibilities
My City+20
March 12 2012
Youth take over Rio+20: My City+20 Our project is thus aimed at mobilizing the youth, educating them on the urgency of sustainable development issues and encouraging ... By My City+20
Planet Under Pressure
March 11 2012
Planet Under Pressure The 2012 Planet Under Pressure conference is intended to be a major opportunity to link global-change science in a two-way ... By Planet Under Pressure

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Agroecología: única esperanza para la soberanía alimentaria y la resiliencia socioecológica
June 08 2012
The scaling up of agroecology: spreading the hope for food sovereignty and resiliency There is no doubt that humanity needs an alternative agricultural development paradigm, one that encourages more ... By Clara NichollsLatin American Scientific Society of AgroecologyMiguel Altieri
Repensar y construir una Nueva Gobernanza Mundial
May 14 2012
Rethinking and changing world governance The key questions that could guide us are: What are the alternatives for building a new governance architecture? How do we create them? By Cândido GrzybowskiForum for a New World GovernanceGustavo MarinRicardo Jimenez
e Service of Sustainable DevelopmentSystem | Towards a Global Finance Sards a Global Finance System at the Service of Sustainable DevelopmentSTowards a Global Finance System at the Service of Sustainable Development
February 02 2012
Towards a Global Finance System at the Service of Sustainable Development The crisis is a consequence of the global rise of neoliberalism. An unwavering belief that markets are efficient and banks ... By New Economics Foundation
Social Growth: Model of a Progressive Economic Policy
January 22 2012
Social Growth: model of a Progressive Economic Policy The aim is to develop a growth model that combines prosperity for all with sustainability and justice. Social growth, with its ... By Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

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The ‘Bubbling Up’ of Subterranean Politics in Europe
July 01 2012
The ‘Bubbling Up’ of Subterranean Politics in Europe This is one of those rare moments in history when subterranean politics ‘bubbles up’ to the surface. What we mean by ... By London School of Economics and Political Science
Rio+20 Earth Summit – time to change the narrative
March 08 2012
Rio+20 Earth Summit: time to change the narrative First is the proposal to recognise planetary boundaries. Second is the proposal to make Ecocide the Fifth International Crime ... By LSX Occupy: Energy Equity and Environment Group
Rio+20 une transition maintenant !
March 01 2012
Rio+20: transition now ! We need to introduce major change that focuses on the general interest of all human beings, at all levels of society, and ... By French Collective Rio+20
Global Environmental Governance and Rio +20: Thinking Big – Doing Little?
December 03 2011
Global Environmental Governance and Rio+20: Thinking Big – Doing Little? There is little faith in the reform of the UN system; nonetheless, the Rio+20 Conference is not only to set the stage for a ... By Barbara Unmüßig

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March 17 2012
Crossroads Festival for Documentary Film and Discourse One month before the UN Earth Summit Rio+20, Crossroads' first edition will focus on the socio-ecological crisis, the ... By Crossroads Film Festival
March 14 2012
Common goods against the commodification of life and of the planet, strategies ... This meeting in Marseille is open to all networks, organizations and individuals who wish, including those involved in the ... By Alternative World Water Forum
March 13 2012
European Youth Conference 2012 Expected Results: Co-writing by the youth of a European Open Letter to the decision makers, elaboration of communication tools on ... By Youth European Conference 2012
March 07 2012
European High-Level Conference on Rio+20: “Achieving Global Justice in the Green Economy” This conference plans to address one of the main themes of the up-coming UN CSD Rio+20 Summit: “Green Economy in the context ... By European Economic and Social CommiteeNorthern Alliance for Sustainibility