1:30 pm 16 March 2012 — 6:00 pm 16 March 2012 at Marseille, France.


«Common goods against the commodification of life and of the planet, strategies and mobilisations of social and environmental movements towards RIO+20 and beyond?” – 16 March 1pm – 3:30 pm – Dock des Suds – Sala 2 !


In June 2012, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) will host a new conference of the United Nations for Sustainable Development (UNCSD), whose main theme will focus on “green economy”. Their green economy, far from solving the global crisis we are facing, aims to save the capitalist model in crisis by financialization and commodification of nature and societies. Around the globe, people rise to oppose these logics and to promote the commons and to fight for social and environmental justice.


At the World Social Forum in Dakar in 2011, an overall roadmap was defined to impose our alternatives through the mobilisations during the G8-G20 in France, the COP-17 on climate in Durban (South Africa) and the Alternative World Water Forum in Marseille. This meeting in Marseille is open to all networks, organizations and individuals who wish, including those involved in the water movement. It is a space and a moment to share our analysis, to discuss strategies and define a common agenda towards Rio+20 and beyond.


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