The Peoples, the actors of society and the citizens need to draw clear perspectives to address the challenges of sustainability. Such perspectives can only result from a continued effort of bridge-building and articulation.


The vocation of the site is precisely to give an overview of the international mobilisation around Rio+20 and articulate its initiatives. It is available to the participants and partners in the process.


A team at your service

We want to provide methodological support to the participants to accompany this effort of articulation of initiatives and proposals. This support is organised in 4 sections:


1. The creation of the virtual platform and its availability at the service of all participants of the Peoples Summit Rio+20. Its mission is to reflect the diversity of inputs and contributions in four working languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French and English).

The platform is run by an international team of popular communicators, technicians and translators. It combines functions of interactive communications (social networking, chat, forums), semantic structuring (indexing by keywords, search and summaries of proposals), and shared contents (multimedia, web radio, texts). It is organised around the topics Initiatives, Events, Proposals and Documents, as well as a virtual community of debate.


2. Assistance in the summary of proposals: our experience on the development and dissemination of proposals led us to adopt a “normalised” format of proposals. It consists of the passage of the various initial proposals, argued and developed by the participants, to a brief and concise format, more easily shared and transmitted, which we wish to put forward.


3. Availability of tools of discussion and distance communication: they can be web-radio channels, multimedia streaming, electronic lists and forums, social network Rio+20, blogs, wikis.


4. Support for the publishing and graphic design of your documents, images and videos to share them more easily through the platform.


Feel free to contact us now to explore with us these possibilities and see how we can walk together: