RSS, what is it?


An RSS thread, also known as RSS syndication or RSS feed, is a link to a file grouping the latest updates on the site. Just write the link address in an RSS feed reader software.

The software reads the file and tells the latest changes on the site, with a description and a link to the articles in question.


What’s its purpose?

As soon as new information is published, your computer will announce it. So rather than having to log in regularly to your reference website, you can consult at any time the last updated headlines. When you are interested in a headline, simply click on it to go directly to the article.


How does it work?

In order to read the information threads in RSS format, you have two options:

1 – Download an “RSS feed reader” that allows you to receive the headlines from sites that you have selected.

There is a large number of such software. Here is a non-exhaustive list of free software that we recommend:

  • 1. Google Reader;
  • 2. Netvibes;
  • 3. FeedReader;
  • 4. Thunderbird.


Once the programme is installed on your computer, return to this page, copy the links displayed below and paste them into your RSS feed reader.


2 – With Firefox download and install the Firefox web browser (PC, Mac or Linux).

After installing Firefox, go to the homepage of the site. An orange icon appears at the top right corner of the site address in the browser window. Click on it and choose the feed called “Join the Peoples Summit [RSS]…” in the dropdown menu. Headlines and news now automatically appear in the Favorites or Bookmarks bar of the browser, without having to login to the site.

List of RSS threads

To syndicate the whole site, a single address: