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Segundo Diálogo tripartito entre sociedades civiles de China, Europa y Suramérica
July 05 2013
China-Europa-South America civil societies Dialogue – Joint Statement We feel that we are part of a worldwide community and believe that it is necessary to overcome borders and hegemonies of any kind, ... By Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (Ibase)Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for Human ProgressFo...
Global Youth Citizens Assembly
December 04 2011
Global Citizens Youth Assembly This assembly provided a platform for young individuals from various states in India, as well as different countries of the world to ... By Asian Youth Citizens AssemblyJohn Anugraha

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Repensar y construir una Nueva Gobernanza Mundial
May 14 2012
Rethinking and changing world governance The key questions that could guide us are: What are the alternatives for building a new governance architecture? How do we create them? By Cândido GrzybowskiForum for a New World GovernanceGustavo MarinRicardo Jimenez
Youth and World Governance
March 06 2012
Youth and World Governance Children and youth today are frustrated with the ‘people in power’ who are unable to come to a tangible consensus of capping our ... By Ben KnightDara ParkerDunfei ChenGlobal Citizens for Sustainable DevelopmentJohn AnugrahaLucinda HartleySafira de...
Peoples statement on sustainable development and Rio+20
November 21 2011
People’s Statement on Sustainable Development and Rio+20 For sustainable economies to develop, it is crucial to democratize ownership, control and decision-making over productive resources ... By Asia-Pacific Research NetworkIBON International

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Green China: Chinese insights on environment and development
June 02 2012
Green China: Chinese insights on environment and development The global interconnections between energy, climate change, and land and water use mean that everyone has an interest in seeing ... By International Institute for Environment and Development
Business as usual is not an option
November 25 2011
Business as usual is not an option We need to build global alliances. We have done the first step, internationalize the solidarity economy movement. Now we need ... By Pierre Calame

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August 07 2011
The South Asian Youth Conference 2011 The first South Asian Youth...