9:00 am 2 February 2012 — 6:00 pm 4 February 2012 at New Delhi, India.


Protecting the global commons: 20 years post Rio


Actions to implement the concept of sustainable development, both on a global as well as local basis require protection and conservation of the global commons. Despite the massive increase in literature and knowledge on the human and economic implications of damage and degradation to the global commons, human society has been largely irresponsible in dealing with this challenge. The Rio Summit of 1992 was a rallying point for those concerned with the planetary crisis faced on account of mounting neglect in this area, but sadly actions since Rio have been far below expectations. It is, therefore, appropriate that DSDS 2012 focus on this major theme, 20 years since Rio and help evolve strategies, by which the neglect of the past can be addressed effectively and urgently in the immediate future.



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12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit