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May 26 2012
Transformative Agenda at Rio+20 and Beyond Preparatory Latin America and Caribbean consultation on the lead up to Rio+20, including the People’s Summit events. By Bolivian platform on Climate changeIBON InternationalLatindadd
April 22 2012
Rights at Risk in the Green Economy Participants in this Roundtable will share their analyses of the latest draft of the outcome document for Rio+20, the state of ... By IBON International
March 31 2012
Meeting Building participation of youth in the People’s Summit The meeting « Building participation of youth in the People’s Summit » calls on youth around the world to seize this opportunity and ... By Brazilian Civil Society Facilitating Committee for Rio+20
March 19 2012
Rio+20 Corporate Sustainibility Forum The United Nations Global Compact will organize the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum: Innovation and Collaboration for the Future ... By United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20
March 16 2012
Towards the People’s Summit at Rio+20: Alternative civil society perspectives on ... The event will bring together leading figures from civil society to present some of the analyses and proposals that have emerged ... By United Nations
March 12 2012
Roundtable for Equity and Sustainability This Roundtable gathers experts from UNDESA, UNCTAD and UNEP together with representatives from civil society and governments ... By IBON InternationalInternational Trade Union Confederation
March 10 2012
US and Canada Citizen’s Summit for Sustainable Development The Summit seeks to generate new knowledge, policy, and action for sustainability in the United States and Canada, and to ... By US and Canada Citizen's Summit for Sustainable Development
March 07 2012
Rights for Sustainability and Sustainable Development Governance At the informal negotiations on the Zero Draft of the Outcome Document (March 19-23), IBON in partnership with Both Ends will ... By IBON International
March 07 2012
Global Transition Dialogue #2 on the New Economy The aim of the Initiative is to build a global a multi- stakeholder movement to promote alternative models of the economy that ... By Global Transition 2012
February 15 2012
Youth Blast By Rio Plus Twenties