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Declaración de la Asamblea de los Movimientos Sociales - Foro social mundial 2013
March 31 2013
Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly of the World Social Forum 2013 We are now at a crossroads where retrograde and conservative forces want to stop the processes initiated two years ago with ... By Social Movements Assembly
African Manifesto for 2060
August 02 2012
African Manifesto for 2060 Secondly, we must assess the changes that have taken place on a continent not always the master of its destiny. By Annual African Governance Days
Rio+20 and the Green Economy: the need for a new paradigm
May 01 2012
Rio+20 and the Green Economy: the need for a new paradigm This seminar will focus on the need to develop alternative paradigms and development strategies capable of ensuring a decent life for ... By Trust for community outreach and education
Consultation on the African Agenda to the Rio+20 Summit
April 23 2012
Consultation on the African Agenda to the Rio+20 Summit IBON International and the People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty are organizing an Africa-wide CSO Consultation that will discuss ... By IBON InternationalPeople’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty
My City+20
March 12 2012
Youth take over Rio+20: My City+20 Our project is thus aimed at mobilizing the youth, educating them on the urgency of sustainable development issues and encouraging ... By My City+20
Los habitantes hacia la Cumbre de los Pueblos. Propuestas y luchas para habitar bien nuestro planeta
February 15 2012
Proposals and struggles for living well on our Planet The different struggles by inhabitant organizations are showing the possibility of finding appropriate and sustainable solutions to ... By International Alliance of Inhabitants
Forum flottant pour un Développement Durable
December 14 2011
Floating Forum for Sustainable Development The Forum will bring together the players of the ecological and social transition for sustainable development, taking them ... By Floating Forum for Sustainable Development
People's Sustainability Treaties: an alternative for a transition to sustainable futures beyound Rio+20
December 10 2011
People’s Sustainability Treaties People’s Sustainability Treaties are a series of independent collective agreements produced by people in parallel to the ... By People's Sustainability Treaties