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January 09 2012
Workshop “Thematic Priority ‘Innovation and Youth’ – Key to Success at Rio+20?!” “Innovation for Sustainable Development” has been introduced recently by Brazilian government as additional thematic priority ... By International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges
December 12 2011
European Sustainability Leaders, Champions and Front Runners preparing Rio+20 We will focus on how to reinforce the ‘web of solidarity and social innovation’ now in place, and will address actions launched ... By European Economic and Social Commitee
December 12 2011
Rio+20: spotlight on Sustainability About 23 national organizations from the political, economic, environmental and consumer protection sectors met in ... By Rio+20 – Nachhaltig vor Ort
December 11 2011
Eco-Cities and Ecological Engineering Transforming today’s cities into sustainable eco-cities is one of the main adaptations that will be necessary. By Editorial Team