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March 10 2012
US and Canada Citizen’s Summit for Sustainable Development The Summit seeks to generate new knowledge, policy, and action for sustainability in the United States and Canada, and to ... By US and Canada Citizen's Summit for Sustainable Development
January 10 2012
ICLEI World Congress 2012 The program for ICLEI World Congress 2012 will be based on ICLEI’s eight strategic goals and will showcase the vast work of ... By ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainibility
December 12 2011
Rio+20: spotlight on Sustainability About 23 national organizations from the political, economic, environmental and consumer protection sectors met in ... By Rio+20 – Nachhaltig vor Ort
December 12 2011
Towards democratic environmental governance at global level This conference aims to bring together the expectations of civil society and encourage discussion on the reform of global ... By Ministry of Ecology Transport and Sustainable DevelopmentMinistry of European and Foreign affairs
August 06 2011
Biocivilization for the Sustainability of Life and the Planet IBASE International Workshop toward the Rio+20 Conference Rio de Janeiro, August 9-12, 2011 with the support of the Forum for a ... By Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (Ibase)Forum for a New World Governance