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National Road To Rio+20 Campaign Sri Lanka
March 30 2012
National Road To Rio+20 Campaign Sri Lanka The Youth of Sri Lanka argue that a sustainable world would have to be founded on the principle of equity. By National Road To Rio+20 Campaign Sri Lanka
Global campaign calling forth the universal acceptance of Rights of Nature
March 20 2012
Global campaign calling forth the universal acceptance of Rights of Nature Our Commitment is to create a world wide, grassroots movement calling forth the acceptance and implementation of “The ... By Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature
Women Rio+20: Women's priorities for Sustainable development
January 05 2012
Women’s priorities for Sustainable development More than 70 women-environment-development organizations have worked together to present their visions and recommendations for Rio+20. By Collective of women organizations
Rio+20 - Stockholm+40
January 03 2012
Rio + 20 – Stockholm + 40 Friends of the Earth Sweden take the initiative for an International Conference Stockholm +40 - Rio +20 on politics, ecology and ... By Friends of the EarthTord Björk
Projet de Charte des responsabilités universelles
December 29 2011
Proposal for a Charter of Universal Responsibilities A “third ethical pillar for the global community” alongside the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of ... By Forum of Ethics and Responsibilities
Forum Social Temático
December 27 2011
Thematic Social Forum: Capitalist Crisis, Social and Environmental Justice Considering this goal, we invite all men and women attend the Thematic Social Forum - Capitalist Crisis, Social and ... By Thematic Social Forum
People's Sustainability Treaties: an alternative for a transition to sustainable futures beyound Rio+20
December 10 2011
People’s Sustainability Treaties People’s Sustainability Treaties are a series of independent collective agreements produced by people in parallel to the ... By People's Sustainability Treaties
Global Youth Citizens Assembly
December 04 2011
Global Citizens Youth Assembly This assembly provided a platform for young individuals from various states in India, as well as different countries of the world to ... By Asian Youth Citizens AssemblyJohn Anugraha
Lançamento dos grupos do Forum Social Temático
November 25 2011
Launch of the Thematic Social Forum Working Groups The Thematic Groups  will be a space for organizations, networks, and intellectual movements of civil society to deepen ... By Editorial TeamThematic Social Forum
July 10 2011
Biocivilization for the Sustainability of Life and the Planet IBASE will hold a workshop with national and international invitees on August 9-12. The proposed workshop should be viewed in a ... By Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (Ibase)Forum for a New World Governance