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Síntesis de las plenarias de la Cumbre de los Pueblos Río+20
August 05 2012
Summary of the plenaries of the Peoples Summit Rio+20 The final document of the Peoples Summit summarizes the main discussed perspectives during the plenaries and assemblies By Peoples Summit Rio+20
Federated States and Regional Governments Committed to a New Paradigm for Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication
July 07 2012
Federated States and Regional Governments Committed to a New Paradigm for ... The current economic development model is not sustainable in the long-run neither in terms of poverty eradication objectives nor ... By Regions United
Declaración final de la Cumbre de los Pueblos en la Río+20
June 29 2012
Final Declaration of the People’s Summit in Rio +20 People want to determine what and whom they are intended for common goods and energy, and take control of their democratic and ... By Brazilian Civil Society Facilitating Committee for Rio+20Peoples Summit Rio+20
Agroecología: única esperanza para la soberanía alimentaria y la resiliencia socioecológica
June 08 2012
The scaling up of agroecology: spreading the hope for food sovereignty and resiliency There is no doubt that humanity needs an alternative agricultural development paradigm, one that encourages more ... By Clara NichollsLatin American Scientific Society of AgroecologyMiguel Altieri
People's sustainability treaties: an alternative pathway for a sustainable transition
June 01 2012
People’s sustainability treaties: an alternative pathway for a ... The Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties initiative aims to develop collective outcomes for a sustainable future and to strengthen ... By People's Sustainability Treaties
Traemos al mundo la posibilidad de todos los caminos
May 25 2012
Our Gift to the World is to make all roads possible Migrants are an indicator of the necessity of change for the development of humanity in times of growing, ... By Rio+20 Migrations Work Group
Peoples Sustainability Treaties
May 24 2012
People’s Sustainability Treaties The treaties are essentially a forward looking process and will become a living document towards the transition to a ... By People's Sustainability Treaties
GlobalMay Manifesto
May 20 2012
GlobalMay Manifesto We believe that the economy should be run democratically at all levels, from local to global. People must get democratic ... By People's Assemblies Network
Aprendizaje a lo largo de toda la vida para la sostenibilidad en un mundo de clima cambiante
May 17 2012
Lifelong Learning for Sustainability in a Climate Changing World The transformational possibilities of education will play a fundamental role in the evolution of a new systemic architecture ... By International Council for Adult EducationJulian Waters-Lynch
Declaración de la sociedad civil en el marco de XIII Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre Comercio y Desarrollo
May 04 2012
Civil Society Declaration to XIII UN Conference on Trade and Development Only a paradigm shift in development will save future generations from global social and environmental chaos. By Unctad XIII civil society Forum