Síntesis de las plenarias de la Cumbre de los Pueblos Río+20 Summary of the plenaries of the Peoples Summit Rio+20
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The final document of the Peoples Summit summarizes the main discussed perspectives during the plenaries and assemblies, and express the intense mobilizations during this period – from 15 to 22 of June 2012. It points out the convergences around the structural causes and the false solutions, and promotes the alternatives of the peoples facing the crises, as well as the main agendas of struggles regarding to the following period.


The syntheses approved in the plenary and the convocations for the Peoples Summit integrate and complement this political document so that the peoples, movements and organizations can continue to converge and to deepen their struggles and the construction of alternatives in their territories, and countries in all the corners of the world.


Proposals and abstracts


Table of Contents


  • 2.1 Plenary 1 – Rights, Social and Environmental Justice
  • 2.2 Plenary 2 – In defense of common goods and against commodification
  • 2.3 Plenary 3 – Food sovereignty
  • 2.4 Plenary 4 – Energy and Extractive Industries
  • 2.5 Plenary 5 – Work: For Another Economy and New Paradigms for Society