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Projet de Charte des responsabilités universelles
December 29 2011
Proposal for a Charter of Universal Responsibilities A “third ethical pillar for the global community” alongside the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of ... By Forum of Ethics and Responsibilities

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People's sustainability treaties: an alternative pathway for a sustainable transition
June 01 2012
People’s sustainability treaties: an alternative pathway for a ... The Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties initiative aims to develop collective outcomes for a sustainable future and to strengthen ... By People's Sustainability Treaties
Radical ecological democracy
March 10 2012
Radical Ecological Democracy We, the peoples of the earth, resolve to work towards a Radical Ecological Democracy, which has the the principle of integrity ... By Ashish Kothari
Appel pour une Gouvernance mondiale solidaire et responsable
March 06 2012
Global Solidarity, Global Responsibility: An Appeal for World Governance We therefore call for the creation of a political forum where the superior interests of humanity can be practically defined, a ... By International Collegium
Ethique : les ruptures nécessaires pour la transition
January 21 2012
Ethics: paradigm shifts that need to be made for the transition As peoples of the Earth, we need to agree on a number of common principles for its management. Our religious and ... By Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for Human ProgressFrench Collective Rio+20Pierre Calame

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No Future Without Justice
June 05 2012
No Future Without Justice We need to build a new narrative of development and sustainability that can permeate daily life, public and social arenas ... By Reflection GroupSocial WatchThird World Network
A new historical period?
February 02 2012
A new historical period? It is impossible to draw one single strategy for the planet and it is useless to attempt to establish universal tactics. Although ... By Edgardo Lander
The Ethics of Sustainability
January 13 2012
The Ethics of Sustainability Sustainability yet remains inherently difficult to implement because of its complexity and due to the enormous shifts in thinking that ... By Anna PetersonCharles J. KibertLeslie ThieleMartha Monroe
Great Transition The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead
November 26 2011
Great Transition: the Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead The global transition has begun—a planetary society will take shape over the coming decades. But its outcome is in question. ... By Global Scenario GroupPaul RaskinStockholm Environment Institute