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Día de acción continental contra la industria extractiva canadiense
July 29 2012
Action Day against Canadian Mega Resource Extraction We are heeding a call from communities in the global south that have organized and are resisting the exploitive practices of the ... By Campaign against Canadian Mega Resource Extraction

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Rio+20 Earth Summit – time to change the narrative
March 08 2012
Rio+20 Earth Summit: time to change the narrative First is the proposal to recognise planetary boundaries. Second is the proposal to make Ecocide the Fifth International Crime ... By LSX Occupy: Energy Equity and Environment Group
Sociétés transnationales: acteurs majeurs dans les violations des droits humains
March 03 2012
Transnational Corporations: Major Players in Human Rights Violations To understand the system of dominant power in contemporary society, it is necessary to understand the role that TNCs play within it. By Europa-Third World Center