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National Road To Rio+20 Campaign Sri Lanka
March 30 2012
National Road To Rio+20 Campaign Sri Lanka The Youth of Sri Lanka argue that a sustainable world would have to be founded on the principle of equity. By National Road To Rio+20 Campaign Sri Lanka
Los habitantes hacia la Cumbre de los Pueblos. Propuestas y luchas para habitar bien nuestro planeta
February 15 2012
Proposals and struggles for living well on our Planet The different struggles by inhabitant organizations are showing the possibility of finding appropriate and sustainable solutions to ... By International Alliance of Inhabitants

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La economía que necesitamos: Declaración del movimiento de Economía Social y Solidaria a Rio +20
August 03 2012
The Economy we need: declaration of the Social and Solidarity Economy movement at Rio+20 Solidarity economy is providing the intrinsic guarantee of justice at all levels of society, by developing economic activities that ... By Intercontinental network for the promotion of the social solidarity economy
Beating poverty
November 28 2011
Beating poverty Many different local, citizen and/or social and solidarity economy initiatives  are  being  launched.  But  they  are  not  well ... By Citizens for EuropeInstitute of Superior Studies in Social Communications