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Reforming global sustainable development governance: a rights-based agenda
February 05 2012
Reforming global sustainable development governance: a rights-based agenda Achieving sustainable development entails a global transition - away from prevailing inequitable and ecologically destabilizing ... By IBON International
Social Growth: Model of a Progressive Economic Policy
January 22 2012
Social Growth: model of a Progressive Economic Policy The aim is to develop a growth model that combines prosperity for all with sustainability and justice. Social growth, with its ... By Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
Territoire: les ruptures nécessaires pour la transition
January 22 2012
Territories: paradigm shifts that need to be made for the transition Territories are objectively called to play a decisive role in designing and conducting the necessary transition. By Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for Human ProgressFrench Collective Rio+20Pierre Calame
Propuestas de Bolivia, Ecuador y Paraguay para Río+20
January 04 2012
Proposals of Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay for Rio+20 We share here some of the perspectives and conceptual breakthroughs extracted from Rio+20 submissions of the States of Paraguay, ... By EcuadorParaguayPlurinational State of Bolivia
¿Qué Brasil y qué Amazonia necesita el mundo?
December 02 2011
What Brazil and What Amazonia Does the World Need? Brazil is without a doubt a country of enormous possibilities – but there can be no disguising the levels of social exclusion, the ... By Cândido GrzybowskiForum for a New World Governance
Effective change strategies for the Great Transition
November 27 2011
Effective change strategies for the Great Transition A myriad of civil society organisations1 (CSOs) all over the planet are working hard to tackle global environmental and ... By Michael NarberhausSmart Civil Society Organisations
Governance and responsibility: proposals for human and solidary development
November 27 2011
Regional financial integration in Latin-American These proposals aim to set out political guidelines that we consider must be followed to achieve regional integration in Latin America ... By LatindaddOriana Suárez