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Mudança de paradigma, por territórios justos, democráticos e sustentáveis: Pela reforma urbana e agrária, agora!
May 27 2012
A paradigm shift for just, democratic and sustainable territories Many popular movements and civil society networks are taking up the challenge of building a model for sustainable urban society and ... By International Alliance of Inhabitants
Energy Cities Annual Rendez-vous
March 07 2012
Energy Cities Annual Rendez-vous Thirty Mayors from 30 different countries will send out a strong signal : their vision synthesized in a set of 30 strategies for ... By Energy Cities
Los habitantes hacia la Cumbre de los Pueblos. Propuestas y luchas para habitar bien nuestro planeta
February 15 2012
Proposals and struggles for living well on our Planet The different struggles by inhabitant organizations are showing the possibility of finding appropriate and sustainable solutions to ... By International Alliance of Inhabitants
Les villes dans l'Europe de 2020: accroître la durabilité dès maintenant!
December 18 2011
Local Governments for Sustainability and Rio+20 ICLEI will continue to bring local government suggestions, concerns and solutions to the table throughout this process, and urges ... By ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainibility
Porter l’ambition d’une politique globale de développement équilibré et de cohésion territoriale
December 07 2011
Paving the way of a global policy of balanced development and territorial cohesion The current diagnoses show the need for development which is more balanced spatially, in particular within the framework of ... By Forum of Global Associations of RegionsRegions United