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Posicionamiento de la sociedad civil de América Latina y el Caribe sobre Río+20 y la economía verde
June 22 2012
Statement of Civil Society in Latin American and the Caribbean on Rio+20 The imposition of the green economy in Latin America and the Caribbean will be going far behind the achievements of the ... By Meeting for a transformative agenda in Rio+20 and beyond
La Sostenibilidad del Desarrollo a 20 Años de la Cumbre para la Tierra
June 08 2012
Sustainable Development 20 Years on from the Earth Summit This report, written from the Latin American and Caribbean perspective, describes the progress made and the gaps that remain ... By Cepal
Caminos y descaminos hacia una Biocivilización
December 09 2011
Tracks and Sidetracks for Biocivilization Thinking the basis of a new civilization and becoming part of the long process of social dismantlement and of reconstruction ... By Cândido Grzybowski
A ilusão de uma economia verde
November 17 2011
The Illusion of a Green Economy To ensure production of the goods necessary for life, in a way which neither stresses nor degrades nature, something more than the ... By Leonardo Boff
Rio2012: América Latina rechaza el polémico principio de la “economía verde”
October 22 2011
Rio2012: Latin America defends sustainability and rejects “green economy” Following three days of deliberations, the representatives examined the gaps still remaining since the 1992 Earth Summit for ... By Editorial Team
Rio+20: Resisting market environmentalism and strengthening rights and social-environmental justice
August 19 2011
Rio+20: Resisting market environmentalism and strengthening rights and ... Rio+20 therefore, has the potential to be a moment to, at the same time, assess the successes and failures of the past two decades ... By Federation of Organism for Social Help and Education
Buen Vivir
July 12 2011
Recovering and Valuing Other Ethical Pillars: Buen Vivir The ancient cultures of the various peoples of Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Latin America have constantly challenged, in ... By Forum for a New World GovernanceRicardo Jimenez