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Cumbre de los Pueblos frente al cambio climático COP20
September 27 2014
Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change COP20 A new global agreement on climate change is to be reached at COP 21, programmed in Paris in 2015 after Lima in December 2014. By People's Summit on Climate Change COP20
Segundo Diálogo tripartito entre sociedades civiles de China, Europa y Suramérica
July 05 2013
China-Europa-South America civil societies Dialogue – Joint Statement We feel that we are part of a worldwide community and believe that it is necessary to overcome borders and hegemonies of any kind, ... By Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (Ibase)Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for Human ProgressFo...
Día de acción continental contra la industria extractiva canadiense
July 29 2012
Action Day against Canadian Mega Resource Extraction We are heeding a call from communities in the global south that have organized and are resisting the exploitive practices of the ... By Campaign against Canadian Mega Resource Extraction
Inscrições e metodologia da Cúpula dos Povos
June 11 2012
Registration and methodology of the Peoples Summit Registration of articulation self-organized activities and activities for the Territories of the Future is now open. By Brazilian Civil Society Facilitating Committee for Rio+20

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Agroecología: única esperanza para la soberanía alimentaria y la resiliencia socioecológica
June 08 2012
The scaling up of agroecology: spreading the hope for food sovereignty and resiliency There is no doubt that humanity needs an alternative agricultural development paradigm, one that encourages more ... By Clara NichollsLatin American Scientific Society of AgroecologyMiguel Altieri
La Revolución Agroecológica de América Latina: rescatar la naturaleza, asegurar la soberanía alimentaria y empoderar al campesino
May 31 2012
The agroecological revolution in Latin America: rescuing nature, ensuring food sovereignty ... Agroecology is providing the scientific, methodological and technological basis for a new ‘agrarian revolution’ worldwide. By Miguel AltieriVictor Toledo
Repensar y construir una Nueva Gobernanza Mundial
May 14 2012
Rethinking and changing world governance The key questions that could guide us are: What are the alternatives for building a new governance architecture? How do we create them? By Cândido GrzybowskiForum for a New World GovernanceGustavo MarinRicardo Jimenez
Declaración de la Reunión de Ministros de Medio Ambiente de CELAC
March 11 2012
Latin America and Caribbean Ministerial Environment Forum for Rio+20 We, Ministers of Environment, declare that in the framework of the Rio+20 Conference, a universal declaration of the rights of ... By Community of Latin American and Caribbean States

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Posicionamiento de la sociedad civil de América Latina y el Caribe sobre Río+20 y la economía verde
June 22 2012
Statement of Civil Society in Latin American and the Caribbean on Rio+20 The imposition of the green economy in Latin America and the Caribbean will be going far behind the achievements of the ... By Meeting for a transformative agenda in Rio+20 and beyond
La Sostenibilidad del Desarrollo a 20 Años de la Cumbre para la Tierra
June 08 2012
Sustainable Development 20 Years on from the Earth Summit This report, written from the Latin American and Caribbean perspective, describes the progress made and the gaps that remain ... By Cepal
How people living in extreme poverty view the term sustainable development
June 06 2012
How people living in extreme poverty view the term sustainable development Synthesis of interviews carried out with families living in extreme poverty in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Brazil ... By ATD Fourth World
Ethics in Concordian economics
February 19 2012
Ethics in Concordian economics Ethics is a fundamental construct of the theory of distribution of ownership rights and this theory lies at the very core of ... By Carmine Gorga

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May 26 2012
Transformative Agenda at Rio+20 and Beyond Preparatory Latin America and Caribbean consultation on the lead up to Rio+20, including the People’s Summit events. By Bolivian platform on Climate changeIBON InternationalLatindadd
April 22 2012
Rights at Risk in the Green Economy Participants in this Roundtable will share their analyses of the latest draft of the outcome document for Rio+20, the state of ... By IBON International
March 31 2012
Meeting Building participation of youth in the People’s Summit The meeting « Building participation of youth in the People’s Summit » calls on youth around the world to seize this opportunity and ... By Brazilian Civil Society Facilitating Committee for Rio+20
March 19 2012
Rio+20 Corporate Sustainibility Forum The United Nations Global Compact will organize the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum: Innovation and Collaboration for the Future ... By United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20