The Great Transition: a tale of how it turned out right
November 13 2011
The Great Transition: a tale of how it turned out right The only way to overcome these systemic problems is through a set of solutions which themselves address the whole. We are facing a ... By New Economics Foundation
Déclaration des collectivités locales et territoriales françaises pour Rio+20
November 11 2011
Declaration by French Local Authorities on Rio+20 This declaration by Local Authorities1 on Rio+20 was drafted during the French National Assizes of Sustainable Development, hosted ... By French National Congress of Sustainable Development
Regulating Transnational Companies
October 21 2011
Regulating Transnational Companies This Proposal Paper hopes to provide an explanation of the constraints and a series of proposals for a system of ... By Association SherpaForum for a New World Governance
Contribution of the French Collectif Rio+20 to the Rio+20 Summit
October 09 2011
A civilization shift: contribution ot the French Collectif Rio+20 to prepare the ... The Rio Conference that will take place in June 2012 shall consider the matters that human kind is facing today, by focussing on ... By French Collective Rio+20
July 13 2011
Seven leverage points for the passage from economy to oeconomy Therefore if we want to make the move and create new processes for production, exchange and consumption to fit with the ... By Forum for a New World GovernancePierre Calame