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To support the objectives of the Rio +20 Summit and those of the host government of Brazil and with a view to strengthen the existing inter-governmental process the World Summit of Legislators has following objectives:


  • Scrutiny: To establish a legislators mechanism to scrutinise and monitor implementation of commitments by governments made atRio. The legislators will develop a set of Rio Scrutiny Principles in order to strengthen legislators’ capacity to hold governments to account for commitments made under the Rio Conventions;
  • Legislation: To support the development of national legislation to enshrine government commitments made under the Rio process to seek the recognition of national legislation within relevant international processes;
  • Natural Capital: To support the integration of the valuation of natural capital into governmental accounting processes to enable legislators to monitor at a national level the sustainable use of natural capital resources.


These broad aims will be achieved through the negotiation of a Legislators Rio Protocol/Agreement. Participants at the World Summit of Legislators will be asked to make a commitment to seek ratification of the agreement in their national parliament through appropriate national mechanisms. It is intended that this process places legislators at the heart of delivering the Rio+20 outcomes as well as better equipping them to hold governments to account at the international and national level.


The Legislators Summit will convene over two days and have participation of between 300-350 senior legislators ranging from Presidents and Speakers of Senates, Congresses, Parliaments to presidents/chairs of commissions/select committees.




International Commission: GLOBE has created an International Commission for the World Summit of Legislators that will, with the government of Brazil and key international partners, drive preparations for theSummit. Partners will each contribute expertise, resources and logistical support as appropriate. They will also serve to monitor the delivery of the project. The Commission has two Co-Presidents – the President of GLOBE International and the Brazilian World Summit Ambassador Senadora Serys Slhessarenko.


Scientific, Economic and Legal Advisory Board: An international advisory boards is being created to provide the latest scientific, legal and economic advice. The board will aid legislators in developing the preparatory texts for agreement as well as Legislators Briefing Notes on each of the policy areas. The advisory board will convene with a representative group of legislators to develop the preparatory text and documentation. The advisory board will provide the technical monitoring capacity of theRio agenda and formally report to the World Summit of Legislators when it meets every two years.


For further information about the World Summit of Legislators Please Contact GLOBE’s Secretary General, Adam Matthews at:


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