9:00 am 1 December 2011 — 6:00 pm 4 December 2011 at Tunis, Tunisia.


“Crises and Changes in the Mediterranean: Citizenship in Movement”

Citizenship, Development and Democracy


The first Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly, which took place in Valencia in July 2010, underlined the need to push for the emergence of a Mediterranean community of peoples, anchored in a Mediterranean political space and in a Mediterranean citizenship. Since 2011, the developments both in the North and South of the Mediterranean have demonstrated the citizens’ determination to make a strong mark on the life of the City.


Thus, the nature and scope of the changes taking placing in the South of the Mediterranean in 2011 are considerable. Whatever will be the outcomes of the shockwaves that started in Tunisia, there is no doubt that the face of this geographical area will have changed for good. Egypt has underlined the all but insignificant character of these events, and all the Mediterranean countries are expressing today, at different degrees, the depth of the gestations already in motion.


These dynamics can also be felt to the North of the Mediterranean, where a conjunction of factors has also reinforced the strong affirmation of citizenship in reaction to the political crisis. This same determination highlights the depth of their faith in a possible and profound improvement of their perspectives.


It is why this movement in progress is not about to lose momentum. Indeed, these citizen dynamics, which will necessarily maintain itself over time, underline once more the community of destiny that unites the citizens of the North, the South and the East of the Mediterranean. It is they who, through their diversity, have revived the real and promising meanings of democracy and citizenship. It is therefore natural that, with this new page now open, the Mediterranean also seeks, through the actions of its own citizens, the opportunity to return it its natural and real character, to show its unity and continuities, and to be source of inspiration far beyond its natural space.


This second Assembly, that will be held in Tunis, will bring together 150 citizens from all countries of the Mediterranean, including representatives of various institutions and public entities present in the region, such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Union for the Mediterranean, the Committee of the Regions, , the Euro-Mediterranean Assembly of Local and Regional Authorities, Euro-Mediterranean Social and Economic Committees, the European Investment Bank, the Council of Europe, the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, the European Confederation of Trade- Unions, the Alliance of Civilisations, the Anna Lindh Foundation, the African Union, the Arab League, the Islamic Conference Organisation, the Arab Maghreb Union, the Tunisian government and parliament, amongst others.



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