5:30 pm 4 December 2011 — 9:00 pm 4 December 2011 at Durban, South Africa.


The Brazilian Civil Society Facilitating Committe for Rio+20 invites social and environmental movements and organizations to strengthen and articulate global struggles and to converge actions at the PEOPLE’S SUMMIT IN RIO+20 FOR SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE.


Rio+20 will be an important step in the trajectory of global struggles for social, climate and environmental justice. It inserts itself into the processes that we have been building since Rio-92 and, especially, since Seattle, the World Social Forum and Cochabamba, including the struggles for climate justice regarding COP17 in Durban, together with the mobilizations against the G8-G20. This moment will contribute for our accumulation of forces in order to resist and strive for new paradigms based on the defense of life and common goods. Therefore, we invite everyone connected to those struggles to join us at:

  • Shepstone 1 – place of International Climate Conference
  • December 4th, 5:30 pm.