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Cumbre de los Pueblos frente al cambio climático COP20
September 27 2014
Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change COP20 A new global agreement on climate change is to be reached at COP 21, programmed in Paris in 2015 after Lima in December 2014. By People's Summit on Climate Change COP20
Segundo Diálogo tripartito entre sociedades civiles de China, Europa y Suramérica
July 05 2013
China-Europa-South America civil societies Dialogue – Joint Statement We feel that we are part of a worldwide community and believe that it is necessary to overcome borders and hegemonies of any kind, ... By Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (Ibase)Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for Human ProgressFo...
Declaración de la Asamblea de los Movimientos Sociales - Foro social mundial 2013
March 31 2013
Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly of the World Social Forum 2013 We are now at a crossroads where retrograde and conservative forces want to stop the processes initiated two years ago with ... By Social Movements Assembly
African Manifesto for 2060
August 02 2012
African Manifesto for 2060 Secondly, we must assess the changes that have taken place on a continent not always the master of its destiny. By Annual African Governance Days
Zero draft and Rio+20 sustainable development goals
June 25 2012
The Future we want: final document of the Rio+20 Conference We, the Heads of State and Government and high-level representatives, having met at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 20 to ... By United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20
Inscrições e metodologia da Cúpula dos Povos
June 11 2012
Registration and methodology of the Peoples Summit Registration of articulation self-organized activities and activities for the Territories of the Future is now open. By Brazilian Civil Society Facilitating Committee for Rio+20
Otro futuro es posible
June 10 2012
Another Future is Possible We must build a new paradigm of social, economic, and political organizations, whose actions will be enhanced by learning from ... By Thematic Social Forum
Mudança de paradigma, por territórios justos, democráticos e sustentáveis: Pela reforma urbana e agrária, agora!
May 27 2012
A paradigm shift for just, democratic and sustainable territories Many popular movements and civil society networks are taking up the challenge of building a model for sustainable urban society and ... By International Alliance of Inhabitants
Draft Zero alternatif pour la Conférence Rio+20
May 22 2012
Alternative Zero Draft for the Rio+20 Conference The aim of this draft is to propose a coherent vision on the major stakes of this Conference and to allow questioning the current ... By Forum of Ethics and Responsibilities
World Free Medias Forum and Rio+20
April 30 2012
World Free Medias Forum and Rio+20 Hundreds of representatives of free media are getting ready to spread the voice of the peoples gathered at the Summit and hold ... By World Forum of Free Medias