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Rio+20 une transition maintenant !
March 01 2012
Rio+20: transition now ! We need to introduce major change that focuses on the general interest of all human beings, at all levels of society, and ... By French Collective Rio+20
Ethics in Concordian economics
February 19 2012
Ethics in Concordian economics Ethics is a fundamental construct of the theory of distribution of ownership rights and this theory lies at the very core of ... By Carmine Gorga
A new historical period?
February 02 2012
A new historical period? It is impossible to draw one single strategy for the planet and it is useless to attempt to establish universal tactics. Although ... By Edgardo Lander
The Ethics of Sustainability
January 13 2012
The Ethics of Sustainability Sustainability yet remains inherently difficult to implement because of its complexity and due to the enormous shifts in thinking that ... By Anna PetersonCharles J. KibertLeslie ThieleMartha Monroe
Informe de Social Watch 2012: El derecho a un futuro
January 09 2012
The Social Watch Report 2012: The right to a future Citizens around the world are demanding change and this report is only one additional way to make their voices heard. The ... By Robert BissioSocial Watch
The Second Wind of the Worldwide Social Justice Movement
January 06 2012
The Second Wind of the Worldwide Social Justice Movement We have to think of the world struggle as a long race, keeping the eyes on the end goal – a different kind of world-system, far ... By Immanuel Wallerstein
Caminos y descaminos hacia una Biocivilización
December 09 2011
Tracks and Sidetracks for Biocivilization Thinking the basis of a new civilization and becoming part of the long process of social dismantlement and of reconstruction ... By Cândido Grzybowski
Nos movilizamos juntas/os camino a Río+20 y más allá
December 06 2011
Let’s mobilize together towards Rio+20 and beyond Let's mobilize together to build the Peoples’ Summit for social and environmental justice and the Permanent Peoples' Assembly. By Convergence of Movements of the Peoples of the AmericasFriends of the Earth Latin America and the CaribbeanGrass...
Other worlds are possible. Human progress in an age of climate change
November 27 2011
Other worlds are possible. Human progress in an age of climate change This report argues that our chances of triumphing over climate change will rise dramatically if we change the context within ... By Working Group on Climate Change and Development
Great Transition The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead
November 26 2011
Great Transition: the Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead The global transition has begun—a planetary society will take shape over the coming decades. But its outcome is in question. ... By Global Scenario GroupPaul RaskinStockholm Environment Institute