Recuperando nuestro futuro: Río +20 y más allá
March 13 2012
Reclaiming our future: Rio+20 and Beyond We continue to organize and practice agroecology based production, ensuring food sovereignty for all and implementing ... By Via Campesina
Rio+20 Earth Summit – time to change the narrative
March 08 2012
Rio+20 Earth Summit: time to change the narrative First is the proposal to recognise planetary boundaries. Second is the proposal to make Ecocide the Fifth International Crime ... By LSX Occupy: Energy Equity and Environment Group
Sociétés transnationales: acteurs majeurs dans les violations des droits humains
March 03 2012
Transnational Corporations: Major Players in Human Rights Violations To understand the system of dominant power in contemporary society, it is necessary to understand the role that TNCs play within it. By Europa-Third World Center
Life beyond Growth
March 03 2012
Life beyond Growth After thousands of years of steadily increasing growth, it seems possible that the human species is realizing that it will soon ... By Institute for Studies in Happiness Economy and Society
The Global Social Crisis
March 01 2012
The Global Social Crisis Over the period 2008-2009, the world experienced its worst financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. ... By United Nations
Rio+20 une transition maintenant !
March 01 2012
Rio+20: transition now ! We need to introduce major change that focuses on the general interest of all human beings, at all levels of society, and ... By French Collective Rio+20
Ethics in Concordian economics
February 19 2012
Ethics in Concordian economics Ethics is a fundamental construct of the theory of distribution of ownership rights and this theory lies at the very core of ... By Carmine Gorga
Socioeconomic Democracy and Sustainable Development
February 03 2012
Socioeconomic Democracy and Sustainable Development Socioeconomic Democracy is a theoretically consistent and practically implementable socioeconomic system wherein there ... By Center for the Study of Democratic SocietiesRobley E. George
A new historical period?
February 02 2012
A new historical period? It is impossible to draw one single strategy for the planet and it is useless to attempt to establish universal tactics. Although ... By Edgardo Lander
Declaración de los movimientos sociales en el Foro social temático 2012
February 01 2012
Declaration of Social Movements Assembly during the 2012 Thematic Social Forum We, people of all continents, fight against the causes of a systemic crisis expressed as the economic, financial, political, food, ... By Social Movements Assembly