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Otro futuro es posible
June 10 2012
Another Future is Possible We must build a new paradigm of social, economic, and political organizations, whose actions will be enhanced by learning from ... By Thematic Social Forum
Forum Social Temático
December 27 2011
Thematic Social Forum: Capitalist Crisis, Social and Environmental Justice Considering this goal, we invite all men and women attend the Thematic Social Forum - Capitalist Crisis, Social and ... By Thematic Social Forum
Lançamento dos grupos do Forum Social Temático
November 25 2011
Launch of the Thematic Social Forum Working Groups The Thematic Groups  will be a space for organizations, networks, and intellectual movements of civil society to deepen ... By Editorial TeamThematic Social Forum

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Bienes comunes: Un marco y un caleidoscopio de prácticas sociales para otro mundo posible
June 09 2012
The Commons: a Framework and a Caleidoscop of Social Practices for Another World Commons are social practices of commoning, of acting together, based on principles of sharing, stewarding, and producing in common. By Silke HelfrichThematic Group on CommonsThematic Social Forum
L’éducation dont nous avons besoin pour le monde que nous voulons
April 28 2012
The education we need for the world we want The education we want promotes contributes to social redistribution of knowledge and power which enhances the sense of ... By Rio+20 Education GroupThematic Social Forum

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La economía verde: una nueva fase de expansión capitalista
June 03 2012
The Green economy: a new stage of capitalist expansion What is really being sought in this green corporative economy is to deepen the commodification, privatization, and financialization ... By Campaign No to the Green economyThematic Social Forum

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