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April 10 2012
Training workshop and preparation of youth to the COP18 and Rio+20 African Youth Initiative on Climate Change -Central Africa Coordination - and associated partners will organize from 29 May ... By African Youth Initiative on Climate Change
March 31 2012
Meeting Building participation of youth in the People’s Summit The meeting « Building participation of youth in the People’s Summit » calls on youth around the world to seize this opportunity and ... By Brazilian Civil Society Facilitating Committee for Rio+20
March 13 2012
European Youth Conference 2012 Expected Results: Co-writing by the youth of a European Open Letter to the decision makers, elaboration of communication tools on ... By Youth European Conference 2012
February 15 2012
Youth Blast By Rio Plus Twenties
January 22 2012
Lets Take Care of Egypt – Green Economy does it include you? The conference in Egypt aims to bring together more than 200 young people and adults from schools, universities and NGO's all over ... By Arab Academy for Science & Technology
December 12 2011
Towards democratic environmental governance at global level This conference aims to bring together the expectations of civil society and encourage discussion on the reform of global ... By Ministry of Ecology Transport and Sustainable DevelopmentMinistry of European and Foreign affairs
December 11 2011
Eco-Cities and Ecological Engineering Transforming today’s cities into sustainable eco-cities is one of the main adaptations that will be necessary. By Editorial Team
November 28 2011
6th World Youth Congress The World Youth Congress is not just a conference. It is a festival, a fun and mufti-faceted series of training courses, an ... By Editorial Team
November 15 2011
International Conference on Environmental Education (EE) and Sustainability: ... The convening of a FIFTH international Best of Both Worlds Conference is in support of the UN’s Decade of Education ... By Editorial Team