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A Manifesto for Economic Sense
July 02 2012
A Manifesto for Economic Sense More than four years after the financial crisis began, the world’s major advanced economies remain deeply depressed, in a scene all ... By London School of Economics and Political SciencePaul KrugmanRichard Layard
Derechos en riesgo en Naciones Unidas
March 26 2012
Rights at Risk at the United Nations We – the civil society organizations and social movements, feel that is our duty to call the attention of relevant authorities ... By Collective of Civil society NGOs

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GlobalMay Manifesto
May 20 2012
GlobalMay Manifesto We believe that the economy should be run democratically at all levels, from local to global. People must get democratic ... By People's Assemblies Network
American People's New Economic Charter
January 13 2012
The American People’s New Economic Charter The American people need to be better informed and united in our exercise of democracy. We need to Occupy our Economy. Look ... By Occupy Wall Street Movement
Imagine All the People: Vers un mouvement des citoyens du monde
December 31 2011
Imagine All the People: Advancing a global citizens movement An adequate response requires us to imagine the awakening of a new social actor: a coordinated global citizens movement ... By Great Transition InitiativePaul Raskin

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Os bens comuns modelo de gestão dos recursos naturais
July 16 2012
Commons a model for managing natural resources The world has become so interdependent in so many ways that it is no longer enough to address problems solely on a local scale. ... By Confederation of Resources for Global Democracy
The ‘Bubbling Up’ of Subterranean Politics in Europe
July 01 2012
The ‘Bubbling Up’ of Subterranean Politics in Europe This is one of those rare moments in history when subterranean politics ‘bubbles up’ to the surface. What we mean by ... By London School of Economics and Political Science
Recuperando nuestro futuro: Río +20 y más allá
March 13 2012
Reclaiming our future: Rio+20 and Beyond We continue to organize and practice agroecology based production, ensuring food sovereignty for all and implementing ... By Via Campesina
Declaración de los movimientos sociales en el Foro social temático 2012
February 01 2012
Declaration of Social Movements Assembly during the 2012 Thematic Social Forum We, people of all continents, fight against the causes of a systemic crisis expressed as the economic, financial, political, food, ... By Social Movements Assembly