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Agroecología: única esperanza para la soberanía alimentaria y la resiliencia socioecológica
June 08 2012
The scaling up of agroecology: spreading the hope for food sovereignty and resiliency There is no doubt that humanity needs an alternative agricultural development paradigm, one that encourages more ... By Clara NichollsLatin American Scientific Society of AgroecologyMiguel Altieri

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Les peuples du monde face à l'avancée du capitalisme: Rio +20 et au delà
June 09 2012
The people of the world confront the advance of capitalism: Rio+20 and beyond We should exchange the industrial agroexport food system for a system based on food sovereignty, that returns the land to ... By Via Campesina
Recuperando nuestro futuro: Río +20 y más allá
March 13 2012
Reclaiming our future: Rio+20 and Beyond We continue to organize and practice agroecology based production, ensuring food sovereignty for all and implementing ... By Via Campesina
Building People’s Sovereignty in South East Asia Region
December 05 2011
Building People’s Sovereignty in South East Asia Region We will go hand in hand to develop Indonesia and the region where the people have sovereignty in food, energy and fully have ... By Coalition of Indonesian organizations