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Endeko S Endeko


Hadzabe Survival Council of Tanzania

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The Hadzabe are the people who depends most on environment for their survival.The task of the Hadzabe Survival Council of Tanzania is to make sure that the environment is conserved and protect the land of the Hadzabe people from the outside invaders like the big Investment companies to ensure the sustainability of the environment as well as land something which will lead into Hadzabe existence.The Hadzabe people will not develop without their environment conserved and land protected, now the community has get the “Communal Land Ownership Certificate” now they are free from their land hunting and gathering without any interference from any outcoming pressures on land.This certificate protected the land, culture of the Hadzabe and ensured the existence of the Hadzabe on this Earth.They are now verry powerful than before where many Investing companies wanted to take the Hadzabe land for investment example the UAE Safari something which caused many conflicts among the community and the Local Government Leaders and separation of the community into two parts.




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