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Paul Quintos


IBON International

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As an NGO, IBON responds to international demand to provide support in research and education to people’s movements and grassroots empowerment and advocacy and links these to international initiatives and networks. IBON International initiates and implements international programs, develops and hosts international networks, initiates and participates in international advocacy campaigns, and establishes regional and country offices where necessary and appropriate. IBON has a strong board, committed and capable staff and broad networks. It has managed grants from public and private sources and has since established its credibility and institutional capacity in the last three decades.

By coming out with researches, policy analyses and publications; and by organizing workshops, seminars and trainings related to social, economic and environmental issues, IBON helps raise awareness and contributes to advancing alternatives for people-centred sustainable development. Some of our recent publications include two primers on the climate crisis, a book series on the state of the Philippine environment, policy briefs on climate finance and UNFCCC, among others.




Asia del Sur, Indonesia e Oceanía