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Dear Friends,

I’d love to come to the People’s Summit, and welcome contacts for me to connect with any spiritual groups that will be there working for social and ecological transformation. I am particulary interested in groups that include greater women’s leadership at the interface of spirituality and social transformation, i.e., working for social, economic and ecological change from a basis of universal, interspiritual values and practice.

Also, if anyone knows of any on-going intentional communities, in Brazil or elsewhere, working on these themes, please do let me know. I would love to connect with them and visit them after the Summit, if possible.




Continente Indio

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    I will be in Rio in June helping the Global Peace Initiative of Women (www.gpiw.org) organize three events, including a full-day gathering on the theme of bringing spiritual values into the creation of a new life-sustaining economy on June 19th in Rio. We will be gathering spiritual leaders and practitioners from different traditions, sacred activists, environmentalists, artists and healers from Brazil and around the world. If you would like to come, or know others who you think would be interested in these themes — the interface of spirituality and a new global life-sustaining economic vision — please contact me at kavitaji25@yahoo.com and I can send you the invitation.

    Also, if you know of any high-level spiritual or yoga teachers in Brazil you think we should invite to speak, could you please let me know?

    After the Rio events, I’d like to visit some spiritual/holistic communities in Brazil, particularly ones also involved in social and ecological transformation, to do work exchange for some time. Are there any such communities anyone on the forum would suggest I contact? Many thanks, Kavita

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