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Letter from Palestine National Committee for the World
That smile of small painted on their faces cheerful beautiful, that do not know the meaning of hatred and hatred, overwhelm the largest military force in the world, the Israeli entity, which tried many blur this smile, and deny them, but they failed in this; they smile at the heart of white, grew up on the love of goodness and hope.

Known in the world that the Israeli entity does not accept defeat, claiming that he had a right, and continue to fight and kill, even if it cost him the killing of thousands, even millions of innocent people, as he did in the recent aggression launched by the ”Gaza Strip”, and killed hundreds of innocent children, This entity does not attempt to exonerate himself from the massacres carried out against the Palestinian people; because he always finds his defense in the Arab and Western as well, and this is aggravated by the confidence that he had a right, not colonial coward.

For this; resorted to the use of the ugliest roads in their right to blur this laughter, simple and destroy the hopes that give rise to madness, to impose on them the siege, and the Arab and foreign associations see, but only silence, and prevent the entry of drugs to them, daily necessities, and horror sound of aircraft, and constant bombardment by a ruthless, But in spite of all these failed attempts that have been used against them to destroy the hopes and aspirations, they refused to surrender and bow, and insisted to continue to survive and achieve their dream of the first and last, the liberation of Al Aqsa Mosque, and to live in peace, like the rest of the world’s children.

Do not know the taste of surrender; because they believe they are right, and the owners of the issue of stable and well established, they are children does not differ much from the rest of the world’s children, but they have the will and ambition enough to distinguish them from the rest of the world’s children, steadfast like mountains before the wind; to achieve their dream that they have learned from their parents and will teach to their sons and daughters, the liberation of Al Aqsa Mosque, and not to waste any inch of the blessed land of Palestine, and it is said: ”Education at a young age Knakec on the stone.”

These children learned how to survive and patience, and how to keep their land and not to waste it, and will teach it to their sons and daughters; until the generation Yun-Aqsa Mosque, and fulfills the dream of millions of Palestinian people cleats.

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